TRIPTI aims at enhancing the socio-economic status of the poor, especially women and disadvantaged groups, in ten districts of Odisha over a period of five years, beginning 10 February 2009. The project is assisted by the International Development Agency of the World Bank and implemented by Odisha Poverty Reduction Mission, a society under the Panchayati Raj Department of government of Odisha.

TRIPTI has adopted a three-pronged approach to achieve its objective:

  • Strengthening economic organizations of the poor to be more self reliant and achieve better livelihoods for members.
  • Enable women’s’ groups to play a more vocal role in local decision-making and help them sustainably access financial services from public and private financial institutions for establishing economically viable small to medium scale enterprises.
  • Increase incomes of the majority of the poor members of SHGs through enhanced rural livelihoods by financing capacity building measures and developing market linkages.

Project Principles:

  • Economic – all interventions will be designed to ensure improved cost-effectiveness and increased economic return to the community members.
  • Institutional - effective utilization of existing capacity (district, block level staff and federation members) for delivering and monitoring services at the district level.
  • Social -- improved capacity of communities to organize them to identify their needs and access support to meet these needs.
  • Participation - increased focus on involving communities in a participatory manner.

The project recognizes the progress under the Mission Shakti movement in Odisha that has demonstrated considerable achievement in the field of social mobilization of the poor into SHGs and some degree of credit mobilization from Banks. As of September 2007, an estimated 2,28,562 SHGs were reported to have been promoted by the Department of Women and Child Development through its ICDS workers, 70,000 SHGs by NGOs, and 52,000 by banks. TRIPTI builds on the social and credit mobilization of Mission Shakti and steps it up through financial services and livelihood enhancement for the rural poor in the selected areas.